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Leap Beyond Barriers Foundation (LBBF)

Significant Announcement: Leaps and Bounds Wellness is thrilled to announce an Autism research project with Leap Beyond Barriers Foundation (LBBF).

With your support, we aim to conduct a second study and replicate the groundbreaking results using Ion Cyclotron Resonance Therapy (ICR), also known as Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequency (PEMF), to achieve a transformative impact for individuals with Autism.

If you've witnessed the incredible results of our 'Miracle Mat,' please consider supporting this initiative!

For donations or sponsorship, contact Leaps and Bounds at 647-554-6543 or email

Read on below, or click on the link to download the PDF.


Here are a list of research articles that have studied the efficacy of Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy.

PEMF Research

Electromagnetic Field Therapy: A Rehabilitative Perspective in the Management of Musculoskeletal Pain – A Systematic Review

A Review On The Effects Of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field (ELF-EMF) On Cytokines Of Innate And Adaptive Immunity

Physiological And Molecular Genetic Effects Of Time-Varying Electromagnetic Fields On Human Neuronal Cells

A Preliminary Study Of Oscillating Electromagnetic Field Effects On Human Spermatozoon Motility

Biophysical Stimulation In Osteonecrosis Of The Femoral Head

Electromagnetic Fields And Magnets: Investigational Treatment For Musculoskeletal Disorders

Effectiveness Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy In Lateral Epicondylitis

Effects Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields On Articular Hyaline Cartilage: Review Of Experimental And Clinical Studies

Autoradiographic Study Of The Effects Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields On Bone And Cartilage Growth In Juvenile Rats

Mechanisms And Therapeutic Applications Of Time Varying And Static Magnetic Fields

Mechanisms And Therapeutic Applications Of Electromagnetic Therapy In Parkinson’s Disease

Modification Of Osteoarthritis By Pulsed Electromagnetic Field—A Morphological Study

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields For Treating Osteo-Arthritis

Safe Alternative Cancer Therapy Using Electromagnetic Fields

Scientist in Laboratory

SEQEX Research

Effects Of ELF-EMF Treatment On Depression

Seqex Therapy In Osteonecrosis Of The Femoral Head: A Case Report

New Study. Treatment With Pulsed Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field (PELF-EMF) Exhibit Anti-Inflammatory And Neuroprotective Effect In Compression Spinal Cord Injury Model

he Effect Of Low-Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Field On Inflammation And Performance Following High Intensity Exercise Training: Double-Blind Crossover Clinical Trial

ELF Magnetic Therapy And Oxidative Balance

ICR-Like And Osteoarthritis In Geriatric Patients: Pilot Study At An RCH Facility

Endogenous Cyclotron Ionic Resonance Induced Complete Recovery In A Severely Lame Grand Prix Dressage Horse

Ion Cyclotron Resonance: Results And Prospects For Psychiatry

Effects Of Non-Focused Elf-Emf Treatment On Hrv: Preliminary Study

Effects Of Non-Focused ELF-EMF Treatment On EEG: Preliminary Study

Seqex Therapy In Osteonecrosis Of The Femoral Head: A Case Report

The Autistic Syndrome And Endogenous Ion Cyclotron Resonance

Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Prevent Chemotherapy Induced Myelotoxicity

Cyclotronic Ion Resonance Therapy And Arthralgia

Young Scientist

ICR Research

Ion Cyclotron Resonance As A Tool In Regenerative Medicine

Effects Of Endogenous Cyclotronic Ionic Resonance (ICR) On Macular Diabetic Edema: Preliminary Results

ION Cyclotron Resonance: Geomagnetic Strategy For Living Systems?

Efficacy Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields And Electromagnetic Fields Tuned To The Ion Cyclotron Resonance Frequency Of Ca²+ On Chondrogenic Differentiation

Ion Cyclotron Resonance Interactions In Living Systems

Differentiation Of Human Adult Cardiac Stem Cells Exposed To Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields

Expanding Use Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapies

Scientist Using Microscope

 Other Research

Efficacy Of Low-Frequency Magnetic Therapy In Patients With COVID-19 Pneumonia

The Right A Healthy Environment: RF Radiation Exposure From Cell Towers

The Role Of Electromagnetic Pollution In Cancer Promotion

Integrative Therapeutic Options For Treating Stage Four Breast Cancer

Cancer Cell Proliferation Is Inhibited By Specific Modulation Frequencies

Integrated Medicine To Improve The Quality Of Life Of Cancer Patients

Taking Samples

Leap Into Wellness

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