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My Story

My name is Deanna and I have always had a personal interest in optional health.


Our sister business is Leaps and Bounds Services, based in King City ( where we provide therapies for special needs children and support for families. It is here that we saw the need to incorporate alternative healing therapies into our practice.

Leaps & Bounds Wellness, or more commonly called L&B Wellness, has two locations, one in King City (at Leaps and Bounds Services) and one in Thornbury, Ontario.

The success we are witnessing with our healing therapies is nothing short of a miracle!


Here is the story of my own son's journey. 

I purchased a PEMF/ICR mat to see how it would help my son who has autism. The change in him was nothing short of a miracle. So much so, I am now doing a research project for children with Autism.

My son, at 5.5 was struggling with basic language both receptive and expressively. He could not generalize anything he was learning. He has been doing ABA therapy since he was 2.5 years old and was making small gains. At 2.5 he was deemed not eligible for the government funded ABA program in the province of Ontario, due to the severity of his diagnosis. That said with the small gains he was making they eventually allowed his ABA to be funded. Still struggling, I was looking for something. I started him on the PEMF therapy in June 2019. He soon started to expand his repertoire of words that he could understand and speak. He was much more engaged. He was finally, able to learn new skills consistently, retain them and more importantly generalize the skills he was learning. My friends and family were blown away by the difference in him.

They called it “the miracle mat” or “the magic mat”. 

Here is one example in November 2019, my son woke up and saw snow outside and said to me for the first time ever “it’s snowing”, he then said Christmas, I said your right when it snows it is almost Christmas. He then looked and saw the Christmas trees that I had put up and said “Christmas trees”, I said your right that is a Christmas tree. He paused and then said, “Santa”. I said your right when we put the trees up Santa is coming. There was no talk of Christmas or Santa since the year before, as Halloween had just passed. Everything, I was saying to him the winter/Christmas before he was retaining, he just could not connect it or verbalize it. 

Another example is; I tried for 2 ski seasons, to teach him how to stop and turn on skies to no avail. After being on the mat for 6 months he was stopping on the first run of the season when he was shown once, how to do it. He was turning after few runs as well. The only thing that changed from one season to the next was the fact that he had been on the mat for 6 months. The ICR mat was able to reduce the inflammation in the areas that were affecting his language acquisition, cognitive and motor skills allowing him to flourish. He continues to use the mat daily and he is thriving. From a child who could not identify people by name, recognize letters or numbers to reading, writing, and completing math problems all in a year. ICR therapy has changed the quality of his life and that of our family’s’. After 4 months of being on the mat, my son went from less than the 1% on the standardize test used in the study to the 4%. He also went up over 2 chronical age groups. Simply unimaginable results in 4 months. I believe the results of the research we are now doing, with help so many children whom have Autism.

Seeing the incredible benefit of utilizing PEMF to not just children with special needs, we opened our doors to the public and offered Leaps and Bounds Wellness. Our second location is now open in Thornbury, Ontario.

Whether you have health issues or just want to achieve optional wellness, we have these incredible healing modalities to help you get there.

Contact us today to schedule a complementary consultation. We can determine which of our therapies offered can help benefit you the best and make a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. 

Leap into Wellness with Leaps & Bounds Wellness!

- Deanna Pietramala

Deanna's son on the PEMF Miracle Mat

Leap Into Wellness

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