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Leap Beyond Barriers Foundation (LBBF)

Welcome to Leaps & Bounds Wellness Therapy Inc.

We have been providing treatment to individuals with various diagnoses and health needs for over 20 years. We are pleased to provide 3 different healing therapies, each offering different way to help you ...
Leap Into Wellness.

We are a Health and Wellness Clinic based in Thornbury and King City, Ontario, Canada.

We offer a unique holistic approach to health and wellness. 

Leap Beyond Barriers Foundation (LBBF)

Testimonial for the ICR/PEMF Miracle Mat

Autism Research Project with Leap Beyond Barriers Foundation

Significant Announcement: Leaps and Bounds Wellness is thrilled to announce an Autism research project with Leap Beyond Barriers Foundation (LBBF).

With your support, we aim to conduct a second study and replicate the groundbreaking results using Ion Cyclotron Resonance Therapy (ICR, also known as PEMF), to achieve a transformative impact for individuals with Autism.

If you've witnessed the incredible results of our 'Miracle Mat,' please consider supporting this initiative!

For donations or sponsorship, contact Leaps and Bounds at 647-554-6543 or email

Health, Anti-Aging, Longevity

Leap Into Wellness

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